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The Smithview Difference

Informed consumers who desire to eat healthily and have a pleasant eating experience do so by not shopping for beef where there is no history of a farm or meat distributor. Most grocery chains today have eliminated the convenience for customers to order custom cuts because it is cut and packaged at a central location as a cost reduction measure. The animal, once it enters the “commercial” beef industry production system, loses all the important criteria for customers to evaluate their purchase.

Smithview Farm offers the following considerations when selecting your beef...

angus grassfed beef


Smithview Farm selected 100% pure Angus genetics years ago. The Angus breed has been recognized for years for its taste, tenderness, and marbling. Rarely do grocery stores and/or meat distributors ever offer 100% Angus beef. They simply sell whatever is available.


Ensure the beef is 100% finished with grass with no grains (glutens) of any kind which includes distillery/brewery grains, corn, corn silage, oats, wheat or barley. Be specific about their grazing/finishing process.

angus grassfed beef
American Grassfed Association


Labels such as “pasture-raised” or “local“ do not mean 100% grassfed beef. Dr Mark Hyman specifically states look for the green American Grassfed Association (AGA).

Beef Marbling

“Beef grading over the years has been very subjective. Smithview Farm utilizes the latest ultrasound technology which is unmatched accuracy when evaluating Intramuscular fat (IMF). We provide top-quality Angus beef with Select + and low choice quality grade.” 

- CUP Lab

angus grassfed beef

Know your farmer!

This is huge in today's world of beef selection. Smithview Farm establishes a relationship with each of our customers. We always invite farm tours and personally deliver our customers' beef and are happy to assist in putting it in their freezers. 

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