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What out customers are saying...


This is by far the finest...

"This is by far the finest quality of beef available on the market. The treatment of an animal is so imperative to the nutritional value held within its tissues as well as an integral factor of its flavor profile.

Smithview Farm goes above and beyond with a truly grassfed & grass-finished product that can’t be found anywhere. Their innovative use of ultrasound technology to ensure proper marbling for the palatability of choice cuts, is a marker for the integrity of which this family-owned & operated business is run.

Logistics aside, in a time when the choices we make regarding our health are predicated upon the knowledge of trusting our sources....Smithview Farms stands resolute to providing an honest product to honest people. It is the cornerstone of the success of my own health and many others."

- Hugh Swaso 

(Certified Personal Trainer - SwasoFitness) 

Smithview Farm provides the highest quality...

"Smithview Farm provides the highest quality grassfed beef. We pride ourselves in knowing that we use only quality and local Chatham County beef. Know your food. Know your farmer. Keeping it local"

- Mario Robelo 

(Executive Chef)

Grassfed beef. Not all grassfed beef is...

"Grassfed beef. Not all grassfed beef is the same. You can trust that Jim and his farm produce the highest quality grassfed beef."

- Jan Nirri

(Business Owner) 

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