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Know Your Beef


We were taught at a very young age that 100% pure Angus is an outstanding breed for beef. Angus genetics are universally known for their taste, tenderness, and marbling. The reputation of Angus genetics has been well documented over decades. Fine restaurants all over the country only offer Angus beef. When you select grassfed beef demand the Angus genetics. 


One of the factors in producing tender beef is the age of the steer at harvest. We honor the industry standard and harvest our steers at 20 - 28 months. Their weight is 1,100 - 1,200 pounds at this age. Feedlot beef typically matures faster than this standard because of the addition of grain, growth hormones, and other feedlot practices.

angus grassfed beef


Our steers graze year-round on quality forages which are a mixture of annuals and perennials. Our herd is presented with a “salad bar“ of forages such as clover, millet, hairy vetch, winter ryegrass, and Red River crabgrass that all compliment our perennial fescue. Our steers are not given any gluten-related feeds, growth-promoting hormones, animal by-products, or unnecessary antibiotics. The welfare of our steers is a top priority from birth to maturity. Stockpiling our fescue grass, and complimenting this process with winter ryegrass during the winter months, helps in not needing to feed hay and maximizes weight gains. We measure average daily gains (ADG) so we can quantify the results of our steers. So yes, it is possible to finish beef on forage, but it takes good management practices.


How can we be exact in getting marbling in grassfed beef? Smithview Farm has implemented ultrasound technology during the steers' maturation. In our beef selection process, we can actually measure the intramuscular fat (IMF) that is commonly referred to as marbling. This technology also allows us to measure the ribeye area thickness and the rump thickness. To our knowledge, Smithview Farm is the only grassfed beef farm in North Carolina that utilizes this technology. 


When our customers see the American Grassfed Association (AGA) logo, NC Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) logo, and Got-To-Be NC logo they know that Smithview Farm beef is produced at the highest quality standards.

North Carolina Beef Quality Assurance
American Grassfed Association
got to be NC Agriculture
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